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WIPS Barcode Work-in-Progress and Labor Tracking Service

Production Tracking

BellHawk Systems' Work-in-Progress Tracking Service (WIPS) is a low-cost and simple-to-use Cloud-based subscription service that uses barcode scanning to track the work-in-progress status of batches of parts or individual parts through a sequence of operations. WIPS also captures the labor expended by individual people or teams on each operation

The primary functions of WIPS are:

WIPS can be used with inexpensive shared PCs equipped with corded scanners to record the labor and progress of work orders when employees work at fixed stations. It can also be used with mobile computers or Android tablets with integral or Bluetooth linked barcode scanners when workers are more mobile.

Work Order

Reports showing the status of jobs and the history of transactions can be viewed over the internet on any device supporting a web-browser. Excel exports for subsequent labor and elapsed time analysis are also available for download on PCs.

The WIPS subscription service costs $100 per month plus $20/month per data collection device login, $30/month for manager logins, and $10/month per login for users who simply want to view the work order status and run status and labor reports.

WIPS can also be installed on a client's own Windows Server for the same rental fees or purchased outright for 24x the monthly rental fee.

Data collection devices logins can be shared between multiple users, who identify each other by scanning the barcodes on their employee badges.

WIPS produces a barcoded traveler for each batch or individual part being made. This is scanned to record the start and end of each operation as well as the elapsed time and amount of labor for each job step. Also the quantity produced or processed by the employee during that time can be recorded.

As a result, BellHawk gives managers, supervisors and customer support staff a real-time view of the status of each job. It also generates an Excel spreadsheet giving the labor hours by employee by job step/operation with the quantity produced or processed.

WIPS can be a cost effective replacement for older hard-wired terminals on a shop floor which were used to collect labor hours on jobs by operation.

WIPS is a packaged application which is based on the BellHawk Real-Time Operations Tracking and Management Software Platform.

A real-time work-center scheduling (WCS) option is now available for WIPS for an additional $50/month. This option dynamically prioritizes jobs in each work center based on the importance of each job, as well as its wanted date. WCS helps ensure that jobs get finished on time and automatically compensates for jobs running late on certain operations.  It also replaces the need for frequent planning and scheduling meetings with real-time advice to each production worker as to what they should be working on next.

For more details about WIPS and WCS, please see the Data Sheets for WIPS.

For those situations where both work-in-process and inventory tracking, or the tracking of WIP inventory or split batches are required then clients should use the JMTS, Job and Materials Tracking system.

For those situations where more complex material-flow and materials-transformation tracking may be required in future, clients can start with WIPS and can then easily transition to the use of the BellHawk real-time operations tracking software platform. The BellHawk platform adds more sophisticated work-in-process tracking capabilities such as tracking work-in-process inventory, handling split and merged batches, tracking machine times, as well as capturing materials traceability and activity-based-costing data.


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