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The BellHawk software is available for use on a subscription basis at a secure US based data center. It is also available on a subscription basis or for outright purchase for installation on a client's own Windows Server computer.

BellHawk Systems provides its BellHawk software in three base configurations.

  1. WIPS - a simple-to-use barcode work-in-progress & labor tracking system, which includes real-time production scheduling.  Tracks start and end of work on work order operations. Base system can be used on a subscription basis for $100/month or  purchased for $2,400.

  2. BITS- a simple-to-use barcode inventory tracking system that uses license-plate materials tracking methods.  Uses barcode technology to track containers of material, serialized items, and assets at multiple geographic locations. Also tracks one-piece flow of work-in-process through a sequence of manufacturing, repair, and test operations. Base system can be  used on a  subscription basis for $200/month or purchased for $4,800

  3. JMTS - a combined barcode job and materials tracking system that integrates the capabilities of WIPS and BITS, plus tracks the transformation of materials in production operations. Tracks materials consumed and produced in work order operations. Also tracks the flow of work-in-process materials and can use work order operation BOMS to make sure that correct materials are used for operations. Base system can be can be used on a subscription basis for $300/month or purchased for $7,200.

In addition to the above prices there is a $20/month subscription, or $480 purchase, license fee for each data collection device login (which can be shared between multiple users) plus a $30/month subscription, or $720 purchase, license fee for each manager or staff user login.

View-only logins, for users who want to just run reports or view the status of jobs and inventory are free for clients who purchase BellHawk for installation on their own server but are $10/month/login when using BellHawk on a subscription basis.

A number of options are available for BellHawk including:

Please click here for details of other BellHawk Software Module options.

BellHawk is an open architecture platform. It uses a SQL Server database in which it stores all the data that is captured. If the standard reports provided by BellHawk are not adequate then users, who have BellHawk installed on their own server, can generate their own custom reports using reporting software such as the SQL Server Reporting Software (SSRS) or products such as Microsoft Office or Crystal Reports.

BellHawk can exchange data with other systems using Excel exports and imports. BellHawk also comes with a number of interfaces that are available at no additional cost for those users need to automate the data exchange between BellHawk with other systems. Please see Exchanging Data with BellHawk (PDF download) for details.

Please note that BellHawk can run stand-alone and does not require the use of Barcode Label Printers in order to carry out its operations and materials tracking functions. These can be performed using barcode travelers and picking sheets printed out on office laser printers in combination with the use of pre-printed license-plate tracking barcodes.

For more details, please see BellHawk Software Prices or the related Data Sheets or click on one of the above links.

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