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Real-Time Work-in-Process Scheduling

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The BellHawk work-in-process scheduling module helps manufacturing and other industrial organizations ensure that customer orders get shipped on time by dynamically prioritizing work-orders through multiple work-centers. In performing this real-time scheduling, the BellHawk software takes into account the real-time status of each job, when each operation is supposed to be completed, when the order is planned to be delivered, and the importance of the customer order.

The BellHawk software uses technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computing to provide a real-time view of the status of customer orders, jobs, inventory, people, and machines. BellHawk tracks the real-time status of materials from the receiving dock, through the stock room, and the testing and the processing of those materials, into the warehouse, to the picking, packing and shipping of the finished products to the customers.

The BellHawk scheduling module complements this real-time tracking by showing operators in each work center what they should be working on next to make sure that orders get completed on time. This scheduling occurs dynamically, taking into account jobs that are falling behind their planned schedule, so as to ensure that optimal use is made of available resources.

BellHawk can be used stand alone but is often used in conjunction with an ERP system. Here the ERP system does the daily or weekly material requirements planning and plans when jobs should run though each of the work centers. BellHawk then takes over, tracks the actual status of each of the jobs in real-time, and then dynamically re-prioritizes the order in which jobs should be processed.

BellHawk enables production managers to view the status of their jobs in real-time and to dynamically adjust the priorities of these jobs. This real-time schedule is relayed to each work-cell where it can be viewed on PCs, mobile devices, or large shop-floor digital displays.

This eliminates the need for operators to repeatedly contact their supervisors for guidance as to what to work on next. It also helps avoid operators choosing to work on easy jobs rather than those that are most important.


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