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QuickBooks Barcode Production and Inventory Tracking for Manufacturers

Barcode Tracking with QuickBooks

The BellHawk software enables QuickBooks Enterprise to do barcode tracking of inventory and production operations in manufacturing and food processing plants as well as in other small to mid-sized industrial plants.

BellHawk plus QuickBooks Enterprise creates a complete integrated manufacturing software system that has capabilities exceeding those of many ERP systems costing an order of magnitude more. This manufacturing software is easy to use and is designed for use in small to mid-size manufacturing and food processing plants that need an affordable solution to replacing their paper forms with barcode tracking.

BellHawk adds the following capabilities to QuickBooks Enterprise:

A BellHawk system, added to QuickBooks Enterprise, quickly pays for itself in a few months in the labor savings that results from replacing paper forms and manual keyboard data entry with barcode scanning.

This manufacturing software provides real-time visibility as to the status of customer orders, inventory and production operations within a manufacturing plant.

Please click on "Adding Barcode Tracking to QuickBooks for Manufacturers" to download a PDF white paper that explores these issues in detail.

Please click on the following link to learn more about the capabilities of the BellHawk Barcode Inventory and Production Tracking Software.

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