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BellHawk Real-Time Data Capture, Analysis, and Business Intelligence Capabilities

BellHawk Barcode Tracking Architecture

The BellHawk software captures data in real-time using technologies such as barcode scanning and label printing, mobile data collection, RFID, and IOT (Internet of Things). It then analyzes this data steam in real-time to produce operational business intelligence about the status of inventory, assets, labor, and equipment, as well as the status of customer orders, jobs, repair, purchasing, and manufacturing orders, at multiple geographic locations, including inventory and assets in the supply chain, in multiple warehouses, on trucks, and at customer sites.

BellHawk then makes this business intelligence available in real-time anywhere, anytime there is an Internet connection available on a wide range of devices such as mobile phones and tablets. BellHawk also uses real-time artificial intelligence techniques to analyze this information for situations, such as impending problems, that need intervention by managers or other personnel. This is then used to generate Email or text message alerts on the mobile phones of the appropriate people.

The BellHawk software runs on a Windows Server computer and can  be installed on a Windows Server at the client's facility or data center or used on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis at a secure data center in the "Cloud". BellHawk Systems also provides a full-range of supporting services, including project management, equipment and supplies procurement, installation, configuration, integration, training and support, to ensure rapid and cost-effective systems implementation.

The BellHawk software runs as a website on a Windows Server computer. It can be accessed using a wide variety of web-browser equipped devices to do barcode scanning as well as to see the status of inventory and work-in-process in real-time.  The tracking data is stored in a SQL server database where it can be accessed for reporting and data analysis purposes.

Data can be captured using a wide variety of devices including PCs equipped with tethered or cordless barcode scanners, ruggedized tablets, PDAs and mobile computers equipped with integral barcode scanners, tablets and smart phones equipped with Bluetooth barcode scanners. As all the data is captured using a web-browser interface, data can be captured in multiple geographic locations, anywhere there is an Internet connection, including the plant wireless LAN or a mobile phone data network.

Data is collected and analyzed  immediately so that managers, supervisors, customer support people, staff and other employees can see the status of customer orders, jobs, inventory, work-in-progress, equipment, receipts and shipments in real-time. There is no delay, such as would be associated with the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry. 

This real-time information is provided in the form of web-browser interfaces, which enables managers, supervisors, and other employees to gain access to the real-time information they need anywhere, anytime there is an Internet connection on a wide variety of mobile devices including mobile phones and tablets.

The BellHawk software makes extensive use of pre-printed barcodes for tracking inventory and work-in-process. It can also print out barcodes in customer specific formats as well as capture data from weighing scales and other process equipment.

The BellHawk software is designed to be easy to use for material handlers and production employees to capture the needed data in real-time as part of their regular activities. This enables the BellHawk system to generate point-of action warnings whenever users are about to make an operational or data collection mistake.

The BellHawk software monitors the real-time data collected, as well as its integration into job, order, materials, equipment and employee status data. It can then use this to generate operational alerts whenever intervention by a manager, supervisor or employee is required. These alerts are typically generated in the form of Email or text messages to user's mobile phones.

The BellHawk operations tracking software can also automatically exchange data with a wide variety of accounting, ERP, and E-Commerce systems.  This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and enables the real-time monitoring software to include data from other systems when generating a real-time alert.

BellHawk can also collect and integrate data from process control systems, RFID and other "Internet of Things" data sources, including weighing scales.  BellHawk can also provide recipes, formulas and process settings to process control and test systems as well as integrate process and test data into the tracking and traceability record for each item or container. This enables BellHawk to automatically generate certificates of compliance where needed.

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