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Exchanging Data with BellHawk

Bell-Connector Interface

While the BellHawk operations tracking system can be run stand-alone, there is often the need to integrate BellHawk system with other systems to avoid duplicate data entry.

BellHawk comes with a well structures SQL Server database. External systems can directly read this database to extract data from BellHawk. Each record in the operational data tables is time and date tagged to make extracting just the latest updates easy. Also there are many views available in the BellHawk database to make data extraction easier.

But when pushing data back into BellHawk, it is important to use one of the interface mechanisms provided with BellHawk. This is because many tables typically have to be updated simultaneously as a result of the data update. Available interface mechanisms include:

BellHawk can  import and export data in the form of Excel spreadsheets or comma delimited files. It also comes with code to facilitate the integration of weighing scales into BellHawk.

Data exchange with BellHawk is defined and documented in the form of High Level Data Objects (HLDOs) such as for Items, Sales Orders, and Shipments. Bell-Connector, the SDK and the web-services interface work directly in terms of these HLDOs, which are also used by the BellHawk user interface. This enables any external system to send transactions to BellHawk as well as to interrogate its database.

Please note that, while these interface tools are available at no cost with BellHawk, clients are expected to pay for any and all support in the use of these interface tools, including customization to meet their special requirements.

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