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Defense Applications of BellHawk

BellHawk Systems has a long history of working with the US Department of Defense.

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BellHawk Systems works closely with the US Defense Department and its contractors to assist with implementing tracking and traceability solutions. This includes the support of Mil. Standards 129 and 130, UID and RFID tagging as well as enabling contractors to track labor costs to DCAA standards.

BellHawk Systems Corporation has been supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) since 1989. BellHawk Systems has been a prime contractor as well as a subcontractor to many major defense contractors. Much of the R&D in Artificial Intelligence that led to the BellHawk product line was funded by the USAF and NASA under the SBIR program.

Some projects that BellHawk Systems has been involved with include:

The BellHawk software is closely integrated with project accounting software such as CostPoint which are used by many DoD contractors. BellHawk also incorporates many features that are essential for tracking labor and materials on multiple projects, while preventing intermingling of project materials.

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