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Real-Time Operations Tracking and Management Systems
for Manufacturing, Engineering and other Industrial Organizations

Project Management

Building Construction
Integrated Tracking, Scheduling,  Planning and Problem Alerting

Work-in-Process Tracking

Work-in-Process Tracking
Real-time visibility of production operations and materials flow

Inventory Tracking

Integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) Capabilities.

Materials Traceability

Materials Traceability
Meet FDA, ISO, customer and other traceability mandates.

How to Use BellHawk to Increase Your Sales, Cut Your Costs, and Pay for itself in 6 Months or Less

MES vs MOM vs ERP Systems

Work-in-Process Tracking

Manufacturing Operations Management Systems


MES Systems

Work-in-Process Tracking

BellHawk installed on your Windows Server
or use in the Cloud for less than $1,000/month

Using Artificial Intelligence to Make it Easy to Deploy and Use
Manufacturing Execution and Operations Management Systems

BellHawk Architecture

BellHawk Architecture

Replaces use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry with automated data capture using barcode scanners and printers, RFID, and mobile computers.

Automated Data Exchange


Intelligent Enterprise Integration software eliminates silos of information and duplicate data entry.

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