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Barcode WIP Tracking Systems for Manufacturers and other Industrial Organizations

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BellHawk Systems provides barcode work-in-process (WIP) tracking systems for manufacturers and other industrial organizations.

These low-cost and simple-to-use WIP tracking systems enable organizations to transition from using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to using barcode scanning to track their WIP data in real-time.

These systems enable managers to see the status of jobs and customer orders in real-time as well as capturing the labor and elapsed time taken for each operation on each work order.

This information can be viewed in real-time anywhere there is an Internet connection on PCs, tablets, and smart phones. It can also be printed as reports or exported to Excel for subsequent analysis.

WIP tracking data can be captured on PCs equipped with barcode scanners, mobile computers with integral barcode scanners, or touch-screen tablets with Bluetooth connected barcode scanners.

BellHawk Systems provides:

WIPS is designed for simple tracking of the status of batches or individual products as they travel through a sequence of operations, as well as capturing the labor time taken to perform the operations.

The BellHawk platform adds more sophisticated work-in-process tracking capabilities such as tracking work-in-process inventory, handling split and merged batches, tracking machine times, as well as capturing materials traceability and activity-based-costing data.

WIPS is a stand-alone application that can be configured but not customized.

Systems built on the BellHawk platform can work stand-alone or can also automatically exchange data with a wide-range of ERP and accounting systems as well as with quality control, process control and test systems. They can also be customized to meet the specific requirements of each individual client.

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