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Picking, Packing and Shipping

Picking, Packing and Shipping

Customer orders can be entered directly on-line into BellHawk from anywhere there is an internet connection. Alternately orders can be imported from another system.

From these orders, the BellHawk software is able to produce barcoded picking sheets, as shown here. These barcoded picking sheets have an order number plus barcodes for each of the line items to be picked.

Material handlers use mobile computers to scan the line item barcodes. They are then able to see where the corresponding inventory is located in age first order. This can save a lot of time looking for finished goods inventory, which may be located in a variety of places, such as still in production, in the warehouse, or already staged on the shipping dock.

They then scan the tracking barcodes on the containers or locations from which products are being taken and the system will check that they are picking the correct materials  and that the materials have passed all necessary inspections.

Containers, such as pallets, can be picked and loaded directly onto a truck/trailer or they can be picked to a staging area, ready for loading when the truck arrives. Other materials can be picked into shipping containers or totes, and then packed, weighed and labeled before shipment. Labels can be automatically produced according to customer specific requirements.

Picking Sheet

If needed, the system can verify that products are being loaded onto the correct truck and warn material handlers if they are making a mistake. This can be done using barcode scanning or automatically using RFID.

The BellHawk software can produce Bills of Lading based on what is actually loaded rather than what was planned to be loaded. It can also produce Packing Slips as well as manifests and Advanced Shipment Notice data that can be sent electronically, such as by EDI software, to customers.

If appropriate data has been collected in making and testing products, the system can automatically generate Certificates of Compliance. This can save a significant amount of manual work in their preparation and also speed shipments.

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