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On-Demand Barcode Label Printing

On-Demand Label Printing One of the problems that BellHawk Systems solves for its clients is how to produce accurate custom barcode labels on demand. These labels are typically required for:

  1. Labeling materials as they are received with a tracking barcode plus information such as part description, lot number and expiration date. These labels may be product specific in size and contents.
  2. Labeling cartons of finished product with a tracking barcode and information such as a product description, lot number and expiration date. These are often required to be in customer specific format.
  3. Labeling pallets and other shipping containers, often in customer specific formats.

Without technology, such as that provided by BellHawk Systems, these labels are often produced by "fat-fingering" data into label formats in a barcode label printing program. This is a time consuming and error prone process.

Through its TAG module, our BellHawk software enables the printing of custom labels on demand. The label format selected can be based on customer or product specific requirements. Then the data needed to populate the label is automatically retrieved from the BellHawk tracking database and the label is automatically printed on demand. This can include sequentially numbered labels for multiple containers.

Mobile Label Printer

The TAG printing module is often used in combination with the weighing scale option, as shown here. This enables automatic recording of the gross weight from the scale, the automated subtraction of the tare weight and the printing of the gross, tare and net weights automatically on the barcode label.

This speeds the preparation of the labels and prevents mistakes in labeling that could lead to operational mistakes or the rejection of an order shipment by a customer.

The printing of the labels is done as part of normal transactional data entry on PCs or on mobile computers. The labels can be printed on any of the available printers. This includes wireless connected printers, such as shown at right, that can be carried by a mobile worker.

Please click on the following link for an Overview of the BellHawk Label Printing Technology.

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