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Implementation Cost for a BellHawk Real-Time Operations Tracking and Management System

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BellHawk Systems provides real-time operations tracking and management solutions for manufacturing, engineering, and other industrial organizations. These solutions are comprised of:

The BellHawk software may be installed on a Windows Server at the client's site, which is recommended if integration with other on-site systems is required, or used in the Cloud on a Windows Server managed by BellHawk Systems at a secure data center.

The BellHawk software consists of a base Operation Management System (OMS) plus optional modules for which a monthly rental fee is charged. This base OMS includes all the features needed to track the receipt and put-away of raw materials, their conversion into intermediate and finished products, and the shipping of those products to customers.

Monthly software rental costs for an organization start at $450/month and typically cost under $1,000/month for many smaller organizations. As a result of using the BellHawk software, these organizations will typically save the labor of at least one full-time equivalent person with a cost savings of at least $4,000 per month, thus enabling the system to quickly pay for itself.

We advise our clients to deploy these operations management and tracking systems incrementally, starting in one section of their plant and then expanding to other parts of the operation, as needed. We also recommend starting with a data collection and mistake prevention solution and then to add higher level functions like planning, scheduling and problem alerting at a later stage. BellHawk Systems' simple licensing mechanism enables clients to start with just the modules and number of users they need initially and to add more functions and users incrementally as they need them.

We strive to make BellHawk a well-documented open-architecture platform to enable users to do the installation, knowledge-base setup, custom label and report generation, and systems integration themselves. At the same time we recognize that today many of our clients have very limited resources within their plants to devote to the implementation or on-going support services. As such, BellHawk Systems makes it easy to incrementally purchase services, in the form of pre-paid support services bundles, on an as-needed basis.

We provide best of breed barcode and mobile computer equipment in collaboration with our partners such as Zebra and Honeywell and their resellers. This includes on-going support and maintenance for this equipment. We also have sub-contractors who manufacture specialty barcode labels, such as those for use in warehouses, as well as ruggedized metal labels for use on totes and other such equipment.

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