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Eliminating Duplicate Data Entry

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One of the major issues confronting many industrial organizations is that they collect data in multiple different systems and databases, which typically are used by different parts of the organization.

Thus we see financial data collected in accounting systems, materials planning data contained in MRP systems (or sometimes the combination in an ERP system), customer data contained in marketing databases as well as in accounting, production tracking and shipping systems, supplier data contained in a variety of systems, all supplemented by ad-hoc databases and spreadsheets.

This causes a major problem because data has to be entered into multiple systems. This is not only time consuming but results in mistakes and inconsistent data. We frequently see, for example, customer orders being shipped to the wrong address because the shipping system has not been updated to keep it in sync with the order entry system.

In an ideal world, industrial organizations would be able to purchase one system working out-of-the-box that meets all of their IT needs and be tailored to exactly how they do business. Unfortunately, there are good reasons why industrial organizations end up with multiple systems.

Developing reliable data automated exchange interfaces between systems from "scratch" is a complex and time consuming process. Please click on the following link for a white paper describing some of the issues involved in developing these interfaces.

BellHawk Systems has developed a body of software called BellHawk SCI™ that solves these problems. BellHawk SCI provides or automatically generates over 90% of the code needed to implement these automated data exchange interfaces.  As a result it can cut interface development time and cost by an order of magnitude.

BellHawk SCI has been used to implement automated data exchange interfaces between our BellHawk operations and inventory tracking software and a number of accounting and ERP systems.

BellHawk SCI has the capabilities needed to implement interfaces between a wide variety of legacy and cloud based systems, as well as to ad-hoc databases and Excel spreadsheets. It can also be used to implement interfaces to process control and test systems as well as to shipping systems, such as those from UPS and other carriers.

Please click on the following link for an Overview of the BellHawk SCI™ Software.

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