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Extending the Capabilities and Life of Your ERP System

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Automated Data Exchange
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Production and Tracking

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Web Portals and
24x7 Business Intelligence

ERP systems do an excellent job of supporting the accounting and finance operations of industrial organizations. Providing that they have accurate data they also do a good job of materials requirements planning and issuing purchase orders to suppliers.

But many other functions, such as inventory and production tracking, operations management, sales, marketing, and human resources are better served by specialized software that is appropriate to the needs of the individual department within the organization. As a result, we see the ERP system not being used for these functions. This results in the emergence of information silos, with much duplicate data entry between systems, and mistakes being made.

These issues are discussed in detail in two white papers "Extending the Life of Your Legacy ERP System" and "Extending the Capabilities of Your ERP System". The first white paper addresses the issue of whether an organization should upgrade to a new ERP system. The second addresses the issue of how to get the most benefit from an ERP system.

BellHawk Systems is able to solve many of the technical problems with legacy ERP systems and under-utilization of newer ERP systems through a combination of its technology and the specialized know-how of its technical staff members.

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