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BellHawk Systems provides a software platform named BellHawk that enables the rapid and cost-effective implementation of real-time operations tracking and management systems for manufacturing, engineering, and other industrial organizations. BellHawk Systems can then provide a wide range of supporting services and also work with partners such as Zebra and Honeywell to provide the needed barcode, RFID, and mobile computer equipment, to enable our clients to successfully implement solutions to their business needs.

A BellHawk  operations tracking and management system consists of:

  1. The BellHawk software platform, which consists of a specialized BellHawk website and SQL Server database running on a Windows Server computer. All user interactions takes place through the website interface using web-browser based devices and all tracking data is captured in the SQL server database. The BellHawk software can be installed on the client's own Windows Server or used on a subscription basis at a secure data center in the "Cloud".
  2. Ruggedized mobile computers, tablets and PDAs, usually with integral barcode scanners, which are used to capture data by means of barcode scanning. These communicate with the server over a plant wireless network, the Internet, and/or a mobile phone data network.
  3. PCs equipped with corded or cordless Bluetooth scanner which can be used to capture data by barcode scanning. These are also sometimes interfaced to weighing scales for automated weight capture.
  4. Barcode label printers that are used to print barcode labels for raw, intermediate and finished goods as well as pallet and shipping labels in customer specified formats on-demand from PCs or mobile devices.
  5. PCs, Laptops, Tablets and mobile phones that can be used to view and control operations from anywhere, and at any time, they have an internet connection to the Windows Server, through a web-browser interface.
  6. BellHawk System's Bell-Connector software platform, which is used to implement automated data exchange interfaces to a wide variety of other systems including computer aided design, ERP, MRP and accounting systems, as well as customer and supplier supply chain systems.
  7. Interfaces that enable integration with process control and test systems, E-commerce systems, as well as automated labeling and packaging lines.
  8. The BellHawk RTX real-time artificial intelligence alerting system. This software monitors the BellHawk database and creates alerts whenever there is a situation that a manager supervisor needs to pay attention to. These alerts can be sent as Email or text messages to mobile phones or devices such as PCs and tablets.

Both BellHawk and Bell-Connector make extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to make these operations tracking and management solutions simpler to use as well as quicker and less costly to deploy.

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