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BellHawk® Real-Time Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Capabilities

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BellHawk is an MES system that tracks the transformation of raw materials into intermediate materials and then into finished goods through manufacturing processes in real-time through the use of barcode, mobile computing and RFID technologies.  BellHawk MES systems can also track the testing, repair and refurbishment of equipment as well as operations such as design, purchasing, kitting, assembly, repacking, and labeling of products.

Unlike most MES systems, BellHawk is not integrated with a specific ERP system. Instead BellHawk can be run stand-alone or can automatically exchange data with existing legacy ERP and accounting systems. This can avoid all the cost of switching accounting systems, including the need to retrain staff. It can also avoid the need to upgrade the MES system whenever the tax codes change.

BellHawk can also be integrated with low-cost accounting systems, such as QuickBooks, to provide capabilities that far exceed most integrated MES+ERP systems at a fraction of the cost.

BellHawk is available as an integrated MES plus WMS (warehouse management system) package that avoids the need to integrate a third party WMS packages to add barcode inventory tracking to an MES system. This also enables seamless capture of materials traceability data from raw materials to finished products and their shipment to customers.

BellHawk MES systems save our clients thousands of dollars each month by:

BellHawk real-time operations tracking systems range from simple Work-in-Process and Labor Tracking Systems that track the progress of batches of materials through a sequence of operations to complex Real-Time Manufacturing Execution Systems that track the real-time flow of materials through a sequence of operations such as mixing, converting, molding, machining, cutting, assembly, testing, and packing. 

With the addition of the optional Purchase Order, Ship Order, and Picking modules BellHawk becomes a full integrated real-time MES plus WMS (Warehouse Management System) operations tracking and management system.

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