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BellHawk Systems Technical Support Services

Technical Support

BellHawk Systems staff can provide the following technical support services for its BellHawk and Bell-Connector software:

  1. Providing installation support to each client's IT staff in installing BellHawk on the client's own servers plus any needed support for installing weighing scale and barcode printing software on local PCs.

  2. Assisting clients in the use of the BellHawk software, and especially in setting up the BellHawk knowledge-bases so that the system is tailored to the client's specific needs..

  3. Writing detailed technical specifications for required changes to the software.

  4. Customizing BellHawk data collection processes to meet the specific business requirements of each client.

  5. Assisting clients to implement automated data exchange interfaces with their existing ERP, accounting, and other systems.

  6. Assisting clients' manufacturing engineers to integrate the BellHawk  software with process control systems and test equipment.

  7. Providing assistance in using the BellHawk software to automatically print barcode labels.

  8. Assisting clients with developing custom reports and dashboards.

  9. Providing remote technical support for each client's system.

BellHawk Systems provides these services on an hourly labor rates basis.

These services are provided as part of pre-paid Support Services Bundles.

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