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How BellHawk RTX uses Intelligent Agents to generate Real-Time Alerts

Real-Time Intelligent Agents Gnerating Alerts

The BellHawk RTX technology is built upon three BellHawk software components:

  1.  The BellHawk Real-Time Barcode and RFID Work-in-Process and Inventory Tracking software.
  2. The BellHawk Bell-Connector Framework  for periodically examining changes in the BellHawk operations tracking database as well as related data from other systems such as ERP, accounting, and process control systems.
  3. BellHawk Systems' real-time Intelligent Agent technology, originally developed for the US Department of Defense but now repurposed for commercial use.

These software elements are used in conjunction with commercial cloud-based services for reliable message Email and text message delivery to mobile devices.

The Intelligent Agents are run under control of the Bell-Connector scheduling mechanism. These intelligent agents use time-based reasoning to examine the BellHawk operations tracking database for events that have occurred, events that should not have occurred (typically operational mistakes), or events that should have occurred by a specific time and have not.

Examples of events that intelligent agents can discover include:

While these issues are simple to state at a high level, such events often require analyzing data from multiple sources and applying complex time-based reasoning to this data.

When an RTX intelligent agent finds an event that needs reporting, it posts the named event in an event queue with parameters relating to the event. These events are delivered to other RTX agents, which decide where to deliver a report of the event. These events may be reported to people or delivered to other agents that correlate these events into alerts for other people or events for yet other agents to process. This network of intelligent agents reasons about the importance and timeliness of events in a manner analogous to neural networks in the human brain.

The final step, performed by Bell-Connector itself, is to take all the requests for message delivery and to periodically deliver these requests to the appropriate text or Email messaging service, or to BellHawk itself, for delivery to a user's mobile device or PC.

Much of BellHawk Systems real-time AI technology, developed for the Department of Defense and NASA, is already embedded into the BellHawk tracking software to generate warnings and alerts to operators and material handlers when they are about to make operational mistakes. BellHawk RTX adds the explicit layer of generating alerts and warnings for managers and other supervisory people who are not directly involved in performing operations and so may be unaware when problems arise.

Please click here for more details about the RTX Implementation Process.

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