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BellHawk RTX Real-Time Operations Monitoring and Problem Alerting Software

Real-Time Alerts

The BellHawk Barcode Tracking software includes the capability to warn operators and material handlers when they are about to make an operational mistake. The BellHawk RTX software adds the capability to monitor operational data and to alert managers, supervisors, customer support people, operators and material handlers when they need to take some action or pay attention to an emerging problem situation.

 These real-time alerts can include:

  1. Alerting managers when a customer order is falling behind in its production schedule or is about to be shipped late.
  2. Alerting managers when a job is taking longer than was expected or has been waiting too long to be started work on.
  3. Alerting material handlers when floor-stock inventory needs replenishing.
  4. Alerting managers when failure rates or scrap or rework levels exceed expected levels on specific jobs or production lines.
  5. Alerting maintenance personnel when machines are down and need fixing.
  6. Alerting manufacturing engineers when process parameters are outside normal parameters.
  7. Alerting materials managers when raw materials have not been received on time.

These warnings and alerts may be delivered on the mobile devices as part of the data collection processes. They may also be delivered as Emails or text messages on mobile phones or as Emails sent to PCs and tablets.  They may be supplemented by data available through web-portals or shop-floor digital displays.

These real-time warnings and alerts represent a paradigm shift from getting reports about problems that occurred days or even weeks ago to getting real-time warnings and alerts while there is still time to take corrective action. They also free operations managers up from spending time in status meetings and reviewing screens and reports, trying to discover when problems occur.

Please click here for more details of How the BellHawk RTX Technology Works

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