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Implementing a BellHawk RTX  System to generate Real-Time Alerts

Implementing and RTX SYstem

The implementation process for implementing an RTX based system typically goes through a number of steps:

  1. Operational analysis. Here the BellHawk Systems team works with clients to determine what operational alerts need to be delivered to which people under what circumstances. From this we determine what data needs to be available, and when, to support the real-time analysis, decision making, and alerting processes.
  2. Augmentation of existing data collection process. In most cases we find that all the needed data to support decision analysis is not available, or not available in time, from the userís ERP or accounting system. As a result, we often need to augment a clients operations tracking infrastructure with a BellHawk barcode or RFID inventory and work-in-process tracking solution.
  3. The BellHawk team then codes the Intelligent Agents that will generate the desired alert events and these are tested in a pilot installation by the client's team to make sure that the alerts are being generated in accordance with the client's wishes.
  4. The Bell-Connector systems administrator then sets up the rules for which alerts will be delivered to which managers, staff people, and other employees and to which devices.

It is recommended that client's start with a pilot installation, with the implementation of a limited set of rules and alerts, before first deployment. Then additional alerts and intelligent agents can be added, as needed, and as clients gain experience with this new paradigm.

We recommend that clients do not attempt to implement their own decision rules as this requires an in-depth knowledge of real-time decision support system theory. Instead, it is recommended that BellHawk Systems team of experts implement the intelligent agents based on each client's operational needs. Our staff are able to do this quickly and at affordable cost because the BellHawk RTX software provides over 90% of the code pre-built or automatically generated.

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