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Watching Your Operations like a Hawk

BellHawk Systems is a privately held Delaware C Corporation, whose offices are located in the New England area of the USA.

BellHawk Systems provides Technology Solutions for Operations Management Problems for manufacturing, engineering, and other Industrial Organizations.

BellHawk Systems specializes in providing affordable solutions for make-to-order and quick-turn, short run manufacturing plants, as well as engineer-to-order and other industrial organizations, that need to automate their operations management processes.

BellHawk Systems also specializes in implementing knowledge-based operations management solutions that assist organizations such as food and pharmaceutical processors with regulatory compliance and supply chain integration issues.

BellHawk Systems operations management solutions include:

BellHawk Systems provides its solutions directly to clients as well as in collaboration with partners who resell the mobile computing, barcode, and RFID equipment needed for these systems.

BellHawk uses a proven "agile" implementation process for rapidly implementing these systems at an affordable cost with minimal risk. This process has been proven in nearly 100 successful systems implementations over the past decade.

BellHawk is a leader in the application of real-time artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to solve manufacturing operations management problems for short-run, quick-turn, make-to order manufacturing plants, as well as for engineer-to-order and other industrial organizations.

To support this process, BellHawk Systems has invested several million dollars in the development of an extensive suite of software which provides most of the needed capabilities, working "out-of-the-box".  This software can then be tailored to meet the specific business needs of each BellHawk Systems client.

The company name BellHawk Systems comes from its mission of  "Providing Systems that watch your Operations like a Hawk and ring the Bell when problems arise". This combines the company focus on real-time operations tracking and its use of real-time artificial intelligence to send alerts to managers when issues arise that need their attention. 


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