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Automatically Exchanging Data with ERP, Accounting and Process Control Systems

BellHawk ERP-Accounting Interface

The BellHawk software can be used stand-alone to track inventory and work-in-process in real-time. It can also exchange data with a wide variety of other systems to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry.

The following interfaces are available with the BellHawk software platform:

  1. Excel spreadsheet imports and exports.
  2. A .Net SDK (software development kit) library of subroutines for exchanging business objects with BellHawk.
  3. A web-services (SOAP/XML) interface for external systems to exchange data with BellHawk over the Internet.
  4. A .Net toolset called BellHawk SCI that provides over 90% of the needed code for implementing reliable automated data exchange interfaces with ERP and accounting systems.

The technical staff at BellHawk Systems works closely with each client's IT staff, as well as with their consultants who support their other systems, to implement automated data exchange interfaces with BellHawk to avoid duplicate data entry.

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