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Capabilities of the BellHawk Real-Time Operations  and Materials Tracking Software

Operations Tracking

The BellHawk  software platform is designed to enable the rapid and cost-effective implementation of real-time operations tracking systems. These systems give managers, supervisors, staff and customer support personnel a real-time view of the status of their customer orders, inventory, production work orders, work-in-process, and shipments.

The BellHawk software is specifically designed for short-run applications such as make-to-order manufacturing, engineer-to-order and process-to-order projects, as well as repair, recycling, and refurbishment projects. It is also used by Government and construction contractors for tracking project materials and assets.

The BellHawk software uses barcode and mobile computer technology to capture data. Its capabilities include:

The BellHawk OMS software is different from ERP based manufacturing execution system and materials requirements planning systems in that it is concerned with the purchasing, processing and shipping of materials for specific customer projects rather than planning for, and tracking long-run manufacturing operations.  BellHawk's scheduling capability is based on resolving the conflicts for resources on different projects with different customer needs and delivery dates so as to ensure that orders get processed and shipped on time. Its materials planning is based on tracking the available inventory for each project.

The BellHawkOMS Software can automatically exchange data with a wide range of ERP, accounting and computer aided design and formula management systems using BellHawk Systems' Bell-Connector Software as well as through available BellHawk SDK and web-services interfaces.

With the addition of optional modules, BellHawk can be used for capturing the materials tracking and traceability data required for HACCP compliance, as well as by the FDA and USDA for manufacturers of food, beverage and natural supplements. BellHawk is CFR 21 Part 11 compliant and so can be used in validated FDA cGMP requirements such as the distribution, repackaging, and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. BellHawk is also HIPAA compliant and so can be used in medical and laboratory applications. Please click here for more information about BellHawk Government Regulatory Compliant Capabilities.

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