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Licensing Bell-Connector


The Bell-Connector data exchange platform consists of  a real-time data transfer framework, optional extensions, and a software developers toolkit.

The framework includes a control website for scheduling and monitoring the execution of data transfer objects (DTOs), which transfer one type of data from one system to another. It also includes interface adaptors for a variety of databases and systems.

Rental use of the Bell-Connector framework with two adaptors for use on a named server computer is $150/month with additional adaptors costing $25/month each. This includes performing automated rule-based transfers using the SCI (supply chain integrator) capability, providing that there is a 1:1 mapping between source data high level data objects (HLDOs) and target HLDOs.

For more complex transfers, programmers can license the Bell-Connector developers toolkit, which provides DLLs and a sample transfer function which are intended to used within a Visual Studio development environment to develop DTOs in VB.Net or C# code. A developer toolset can be licensed at $50/month per developer and includes a license to run the Bell-Connector framework for development purposes on the developer's computer.

The RTX option adds a set of capabilities to facilitate the detection of events and the sending of alert messages. This option costs $50/month per server computer on which it runs.

The above rental costs are for annual pre-payment for installation on the client's own server or developer computers. There is a 10% premium for quarterly pre-payment.

When an interface to the BellHawk operations tracking software is required then BellHawk Systems staff is available to work with the client's team to assist with the implementation of interfaces to BellHawk.  Where BellHawk Systems has developed a set of DTOs to interface to a specific system, such as QuickBooks Enterprise, then these DTOs are provided at no additional cost to the client organization provided that clients pay for the professional services needed to install the Bell-Connector software and tailor the DTOs to their specific business needs.

Support services for the use of the Bell-Connector software are provided in the form of prepaid support services bundles, the same as used for the BellHawk software.

Please click here for an Overview of the Bell-Connector Software.


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