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BellHawk BITS Barcode Inventory, Materials, and Asset Tracking Software

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BellHawk Systems' Barcode Inventory Tracking Service (BITS) is a low-cost, easy-to-use, system that uses barcode scanning and mobile computing technology to perform material, inventory, warehouse, and stock room, and asset tracking.

BITS is designed for use in manufacturing, engineering, construction, laboratory, medical, and maintenance organizations as well as in smaller warehouses and distribution centers.

BITS gives a real-time view of the status of inventory as well as the status of assets such as tools, jigs, and fixtures. Management users can also print out reports or obtain Excel exports giving the status of inventory and which items have fallen below planned minimum quantities.

The major benefit of BITS is that inventory can be tracked in real-time at multiple geographic locations including in warehouses, stock rooms, construction sites, manufacturing plants, and field maintenance sites.

Another major feature is the ability to track parts having different lengths and widths and attributes such as color using a common parts number. This enables the tracking of offcut materials as well as dramatically reducing the item mater records that need to be setup.

BITS can be purchased outright or rented monthly for use on a clients own Windows Server. It can also be used on a subscription basis in the Cloud over the Internet at a secure data center in the USA.

Data collection can be performed with wireless mobile computers or PDAs, equipped with integral barcode scanners, as well as with fixed station PCs equipped with barcode scanners or Android tablets equipped with cordless Bluetooth scanners.

BITS tracks the following:

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