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Supply Chain


BellHawk Systems specializes in providing real-time operations and materials tracking systems for the following applications:

  1. Manufacturing where BellHawk is used to track the receipt of raw materials, their transformation into products, and the picking, packing and shipping of those products to customers. BellHawk Systems especially focuses on the needs of short-run, quick-turn and make-to-order manufacturers.
  2. Construction where BellHawk is used to track the receipt of building materials into one or more central facilities, their modification, assembly, and/or kitting,  and then their shipment to site, along with needed tools, jigs and fixtures. It is also used to track materials and tools at multiple sites including installation, repair, and return of unused materials and tools.
  3. Engineering  where BellHawk is used to track the design, assembly, programming, testing and repair of systems, electro-mechanical assemblies, and specialized building components. This includes tracking test data and maintaining records of what materials went into each prototype or system. Here BellHawk provides support for materials tracking and traceability reporting required by DoD, DOT, FAA and other US Government agencies, as well as compliance with ISO and other standard.
  4. Defense where BellHawk is used to capture and maintain materials tracking and traceability records according to DoD requirements. These records enable Defense Contractors to prove to DCAA  that they are accurately charging the DoD for materials. They can also feed accurate data into DoD billing systems.
  5. Supply-Chain where BellHawk is used to track and trace materials in warehouses including those used for food, medical, and pharmaceutical applications. Here BellHawk is also used for recording kitting, assembly and repack operations as well as to perform GS1 compliant labeling.

Some of the Manufacturing applications that BellHawk has been used in, include:

  • Electronic circuit card fabricators
  • Electro-mechanical Assemblers
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Aerospace Component Manufacturers
  • Machine Shops
  • Materials Converters
  • Plastic & Metal Molders
  • Jewelers & Precious Metal Manufacturers
  • Small Batch Chemical Mixers
  • Plastics Recyclers
  • Wire and Cable Manufacturers
  • Contract Assemblers

Some of the Construction applications that BellHawk has been used in include:

  • Curtain Wall Windows
  • External Stone Cladding
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Architectural Metal and Woodwork
  • Steel Girders
  • Furnishings and Fixtures

BellHawk is also used in applications where detailed materials tracking and traceability records need to be kept, including:

  • Food Processing
  • Aviation Component Repair
  • Biotechnology Laboratories
  • Medical Warehouse Management
  • OTC Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Defense Contractors
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